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Precautions for injection mold test

Precautions for injection mold test

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Prepare DFM

To be an engineer, you need to prepare the DFM to check the mold structure in detail. You need to find out the problem on the spot. If there is something wrong, you need to record it in the test condition table and correct it.

Injection molding

·    Check waterway connection, various conditions

To undertake the project, one by one water way connection (follow DFM one in and one out), mold temperature setting, material tube temperature setting, injection condition inspection, there is a non-conformity needs to be corrected immediately, if it can not be corrected immediately, it needs to be tested Conditional table records to facilitate improvement of the issue during the review.

·    Products are 90-95% full

Before the product is printed, it is necessary to estimate the product measurement. According to the MOLDFLOW condition, the pressure holding conversion position is advanced. The product needs to be in the 0 holding condition, and the product is 90-95% stable and keeps the screw storage material about 10% (the mold has a mold). When multi-cavity, it is necessary to see whether the feeding of each cavity is uniform, otherwise it is necessary to keep samples to facilitate the adjustment of the mold. Then slowly press and hold 10 pressures until the appearance of the product reaches the qualified state.

·    Confirm size and appearance

When the appearance of the product is adjusted to an acceptable state, take the 2-mode product, and after 2-5 minutes of soaking, measure the size. Based on the product size, adjust the size to the middle limit of the drawing without the assembly requirement, and then structure. The appearance is adjusted to fine-tune the injection parameters, and the required number of samples (the shrinkage, burrs, lack of material, bonding lines, etc.) are used to produce the required sample quantity, and the condition record and molding condition table are used for the next use, if there is an insurmountable need Keep records to facilitate review and improvement measures.

·    Check mold temperature and water inlet and outlet water temperature

Before shooting and 10 shots, 30 molds are stable at least three times. It is necessary to measure the temperature of each water inlet and outlet. The temperature difference between each inlet and outlet water should be no more than 3 degrees. If there is any difference, it is necessary to check the water flow immediately and whether it is connected incorrectly.

In addition, it is necessary to measure the measured temperature of the mold surface. According to the size and shape of the product, the large product needs to measure at least 5 points of temperature. If there is a large temperature difference, it needs to be confirmed. When the mold temperature is stable, it needs to be recorded on the surface of the mold. ), the mold surface temperature needs to be within the recommended range of the physical property table, if it is not possible to meet the requirements, you can try to change it.

·    Confirm the clamping situation

If there is a burr after the product is printed, you need to call the fitter immediately, spray red on the machine, and confirm the mold tightness with a large clamping pressure at a low speed and low pressure of about 30BAR.

·    DOE analysis to find the right conditions

If the product satisfaction size or the deformation degree is not satisfied under the condition of multiple molding adjustment, the engineering and the adjustment technician discuss, the DOE analysis form is listed by the project, and the parameters that can be affected by the product problem point are adjusted and combined according to the plan. Test one by one, and condition and record the conditions of each change, CPK analysis, after completion, after testing and evaluation, select the conditions for the next reference.

·    Early detection and early resolution

If there is deformation and size problem in the soft mold stage, it is necessary to work hard in the soft mold stage, otherwise the meaning of mold opening is lost.

·    Mold change step

When the mold needs to be changed, the customer needs to be notified, and the mold cannot be modified privately. Any changes need to be approved by the customer.

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