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The difference between plastic mold and die-casting mold

The difference between plastic mold and die-casting mold

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Plastic mold, an abbreviation for a combined plastic mold for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding.

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The die-casting mold is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process performed on a dedicated die-casting die forging machine.

The difference between plastic mold and die-casting mold:

1. The general die-casting mold is relatively corroded, and the outer surface is generally blue;

2, the die-casting mold should be nitrided in the general cavity to prevent the alloy sticking cavity;

3. The injection pressure of the die-casting mold is large, so the template requirements are relatively thicker to prevent deformation;

4. The gate of the die-casting mold is different from the injection mold, and the high pressure of the split-flow cone is required to be decomposed;

5, the molding is inconsistent, the injection molding die injection speed is fast, a section of injection pressure, the plastic mold is usually divided into several injections, pressure;

6, plastic molds generally rely on thimbles, parting surface, etc. can be exhausted, die casting mold must open the exhaust sump and slag collection (collecting the cold material head);

7. The parting surface of the die-casting mold has higher requirements, because the fluidity of the alloy is much better than that of the plastic. It is very dangerous to fly the high-temperature and high-pressure stream out of the parting surface;

8. Die-casting molds do not need quenching, because the temperature in the cavity during die-casting exceeds 700 degrees, so each molding is equivalent to quenching once, the cavity will become harder and harder, and the general plastic mold should be quenched to above HRC52;

9. Compared with the plastic mold, the active matching part of the die-casting mold (such as the core puller) has a larger clearance, because the high temperature of the die-casting process will cause thermal expansion, and if the gap is too small, the mold will be stuck.

10. The die-casting mold is a mold opening for two plate molds. The different product structures of the plastic molds are different. The three-plate molds are common, and the number of times and the order of the molds are matched with the mold structure.

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