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Plastic smart home appliance mold design process introduction

Plastic smart home appliance mold design process introduction

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Plastic molds are mainly used in daily life, toys, etc. Due to its high cost performance, the market demand is relatively large, and the general factory needs to carry out a large number of purchases, such as the food boxes used in the current restaurants, of course, different situations, the plastics used. The mold needs to be designed, and its design steps are also very numerous, and there are many places to pay attention to.

Mold design process

    1. Determine the materials, and determine which materials to use according to customer requirements, part size, difficulty and complexity, sharing status, and the quality requirements of the parts themselves.

    2, determine the size, according to customer requirements, according to the size of the part to determine the shape of the TRAY and the length, width and height of the acupuncture points.

    3, acupoint tolerance, according to the requirements of the parts, the general parts are large, the tolerance is large, the parts are small, the tolerance is small. Generally not less than 0.5mm.

    4, determine the spacing, between the acupuncture points is not less than 5 mm, especially the copper mold, the acupoints are compact, not waste-based.

    5. Determine the escape angle. The R angle of the outer frame is generally R10, and the acupoint is not less than R2.

    6, determine the hand slot, the contact surface is large, easy to take the side of the main, but also does not damage the parts.

    7, determine the support, the support surface is also called the card point, the need for asymmetric design, support the height above the lower plate does not slide mainly, and some of the blister disk also support.

    8. Demoulding slope, the draft angle is generally 5°, the height of the part is 7°, and the required sway is 3°.

    9, typesetting, the size of the acupoint shape, height, bump. Generally, it is arranged according to the shape of the part, so that the positioning of the part can be ensured and the sharing can be ensured.

    10, the mold opening cycle is generally 3 days, under special circumstances one day (24 hours).

    The plastic mold design process must be careful, and the designed mold needs to be tested, whether it meets the needs of the enterprise or the user. Of course, an experienced designer not only has good design effect, but also has high usability.

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